Top barbecuing gifts

Top barbecuing gifts will fetch you invitation to every barbecue party

Gone are the days when gifts meant flowers for women and ties for men. These days you choose gifts that complement the temperament and lifestyle of the receiver. Thus it is a Red Indian outfit set for your tomboyish niece or the top barbecuing gifts for your socialite grandparents. Top barbecuing gifts are ideally belongings to keep the grilling equipment in top working order and the food tasting the best ever.

Grillfitti Grill Covers constitute one of the top barbecuing gifts for the grill addict. These covers are good looking and long lasting. They do a stupendous job of keeping the grill dry and clean.

The BBQ Brush Hogs are also great barbecue gifts to help maintain the grill in spanking clean condition. Even grilling greats will not find a cause to complain with the Hog’s tough steel or brass bristles.

A lovely surprise would be the Weber Q Portable Grill. Less than 32 inches long, it can be stashed away unobtrusively at the back of the car and a 7-inch lid can accommodate even a whole chicken.

The Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter is probably the best barbecue tool that is around when you are using charcoal. This nifty gizmo fires up the coal quickly and without lighter fluid too.

The Oregon Scientific Wireless BBQ Thermometer used to check on the temperature without lifting the grill lid, is undoubtedly, one of the top bar-b-q gifts that your host can ever hope to receive. 

Give your house-proud host The Original Grill Pad, to place between the grill and the patio, so that the wood or cement does not develop an ugly stain.

Barbecue, but with a difference. Get the message across with the E-Z Que Cradle Rotisserie to grill over the campfire or the Beer Can Chicken Roaster to have your chicken in a novel way.

If the bar-b-q party promises smoky, grilling delights, you just cannot go wrong with a big pile of Hickory Wood Chunks. These wood chunks impart a lovely misty flavor and an enticing aroma to the food and your host can never thank you enough for spicing up his barbecue party.

Leave your mark on the taste of the barbecue party with Mikey's New York Steak Marinade or 14-pound Omaha Steaks Strip Steak in packs of 8.

Help your host with barbecue ideas for the next gathering with great recipes, tips and tricks from Peace, Love, & Barbecue, the biography of grilling grand master Mike Mills, Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby’s The Thrill of the Grill, chef Jamie Purviance’s temptingly illustrated “Real Grilling” or Paul Kirk's “Championship Barbecue Sauces”.

Kirk’s book makes for a great read with anecdotes and legends behind the barbecuing tradition and sauces.

The top barbecuing gifts that are the rage this season are the Personalized Branding Iron, to be used on the meat and the Personalized Gifts Grill Master BBQ Apron. Have your host brandish his signature.

Top barbecuing gifts: the best way to say “Thank You” to your host for a smashing BBQ party.