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Venom Hot Sauce
Venom Xtreme Hot Sauce - This outrageously hot hot sauce will cure any hot head who just can't get enough. This sauce is ranked at #7 on our top 20 list and has at least 95,000 Scoville Units. Use only one drop at a time or extend with tropical juices to make a jerk style marinade. This sauce has great aroma and style. "Warning: This product is NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!! or persons that think products like Tabasco are hot. This sauce was designed for those of us that actually want a hot sauce to be HOT! This sauce will kill ya! We are also the kind of Chile Heads that like one bottle of hot sauce to last longer than a few dozen oysters. This product adds heat and flavor to recipes. The sauce is made to be used in cooking. It is not to be consumed directly from the bottle. (Unless of course you are one of us practiced Extreme Chile Heads). When used as designed, this sauce will add heat and flavor to quarts of base marinade. If you know how to cook, you will know what to do with this extreme sauce. If you just want to burn your face off and scorch a few commodes, it will do that for you as well!"

Our price: $6.95
Vicious Viper Hot Sauce
This stuff lives up to it's name. It is truly a Vicious Viper. This hot sauce could fool if you look at the ingredients; it is mostly made up of stuff you would find in a fruit salad but, this ain’t no fruit salad ladies! Watch out - the Habenero Peppers and Pepper Extract will inject you with a stinging sensation and the fruits will just sit there and laugh at you.

Our price: $7.95