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Endorphin Rush Hot Sauce
Get ready to sweat… The word "endorphin" is a combination of "endo" and "morphine" -- meaning endogenously produced morphine, or internally produced painkiller. What better name to call a brutally hot sauce. Endorphin Rush will blow your mind with heat. Only the most experienced hot sauce connoisseurs should try this one.

Our price: $5.95
Envy Hot Sauce
Select jalapeno peppers, lime juice, chopped garlic, sweet onions and plenty of cilantro make this all-natural hot sauce irresistible to the broken hearted, according to some accounts. One woman revealed how she got over her break-up so quickly. Maria Valtorta of Philadelphia, PA reports “Rather than throw a pity party and get angry, I got Envy. I invited my friends over for some strong Margaritas and spiced up the salsa with plenty of Envy. I felt as powerful as the Mona Lisa.”

Our price: $7.95