Funny Hot Sauces

Our funniest hot sauces all in one place. These hot sauces will certainly make you laugh while you are enjoying the heat.


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Under the Influence Hot Sauce
You won't mind failing a field sobriety test for Under the Influence Hot Sauce. The only eye to hand coordination that you need is getting this sauce from the bottle to your mouth. Judicial Flavors has taken the intoxicating delights of tomatillos and chilies to create this dangerously close to illegal sauce. So, don't eat and drive.

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Who Gives a Rat's Ass Hot Sauce
Feeling a little apathetic? Not quite engaged in what is going on around you? This sauce will snap you right out of it. Better yet, send someone you know a "Who Gives A Rat’s Ass Hot Sauce" today to let them really know how you feel. Be prepared to not a thank you note in return though if they don’t have a good sense of humor.

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