Xtreme Hot Sauce Review

The maker touts this Xtreme Hot Sauce as one that is 100% all natural. This idea is reinforced by the plain brown label, reminiscent of what your local butcher might use to wrap your fresh cut meat in. The large x dominating the logo, combined with a vessel shaped liked that of a hip-pocket sized bottle of hooch completes this attention-grabbing package.

Ok; bottle open. First whiff gives an unmistakable hit of fresh garlic. Very strong and extremely pungent. My wife thought I was chopping garlic for a recipe, it filled the air that much.  We poured about a half-teaspoon onto a tostitos scoop chip. It comes out of the bottle very slowly, due to the large garlic chunks.

First taste gives you garlic and not much else, until the habanero pepper starts to creep in from somewhere in the background. Perhaps they should rename this xtreme garlic sauce. Has some solid heat, but not up front and that’s ok with me. A definite hit with any big-time garlic lover such as myself. The habanero continues to wind it’s way through the palette and leaves you with a deep, lingering burn, but not the kind that stays for hours. The lemon and lime juice are evident also, sort of standing in the wings giving you just a hint of their presence, which is a nice feature to this product.

Overall, Xtreme Hot Sauce is a good sauce for garlic aficionados such as myself. Would make a great addition to a spicy bloody mary, or used to beef up a nice pasta or shrimp cocktail sauce. Would also be a nice kicker stirred into some of the store brand mild or medium salsas.

I decided to give my last mentioned idea a try. I made something I commonly do on Sunday mornings called the salsa omelet. I scrambled three eggs with some crumbled jack cheese, and got them going in the frying pan. Meanwhile, I put two tablespoons or so of regular salsa in a small glass dish, added a jigger of xtreme hot sauce, and heated it for about twenty seconds. Next, when the omelet is just about ready on the bottom side, i pour the sauce in a strip down the middle. Now the eggs get folded over for about thirty seconds, and presto. The cheese does a nice counterbalance to the heat of the salsa.

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