Wing Time Hot Sauce

Wings and Hot Sauce go hand in hand and they both are an all time favorite at Insane Chicken and for most of our customers and readers too! Since we love sauces we make sure to carry a huge selection of ones we know you will love and come back for time and time again. Wing Time Hot Sauce is a specialty sauce we know you will love.

They make 5 different ones:

* Wing Time Mild Sauce ~ A Great Mellow Sauce with Parmesan Cheese- For those who want the full-bodied taste without the traditional heat. We added parmesan cheese to liven up the taste buds. Just a little warmth to remind you that these are buffalo wings you’re eating.

* Wing Time Medium Sauce ~ A Great Traditional Buffalo Sauce – A perfect blend of taste and heat. You’re just finished enjoying the zesty flavor and wham! — the spiciness creeps up on you. Careful though, these are quite habit-forming.

* Wing Time Hot Sauce ~ Not For Wimps…pretty dang-gone hot- For wing connoisseurs and fiery food chileheads who like the heat as much as the flavor. The trick is to keep eating them and they won’t seem as hot, but when you’re done…Be Warned!

* Wing Time Garlic Sauce ~ Their Most Popular Sauce- Brings out the true garlic lover in all of us. This popular sauce combines the rich, traditional flavors with a fair amount of heat and comes loaded with garlic and parmesan cheese. A true California favorite.

* Wing Time Super Hot Sauce ~ The Hottest Sauce They Make – For diehard wing fanatics who just can’t get enough fire. We’ve kept the great taste of the Hot and then turned up the heat with the addition of the mighty habanero pepper. For a truly hot wing sauce rich with flavor, look no further.

If you are looking for some classic great tasting wing Sauces. Grab a bottle or two of the Wing Time and enjoy the great flavors!

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