Wing Sauce Leads to Arrest

A pizza delivery man was attacked for his pizza and wings early Saturday morning  February 6th, but the alleged thieves didn’t make as clean a getaway as they had expected — the morons left a trail of pizza and chicken wing sauce right to their front door.

Somewhere around 4 a.m. on February 6th, two men enticed the pizza delivery guy to the Sycamore Shadows Apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona. The two men, 18-year-old Michael Dornan, and 23-year-old Michael Le-Andre, cornered the delivery guy near an empty apartment and insisted that he give them the pizzas and wings he was delivering.

As the delivery guy reached into his bag to pull out the pizza and wings, Dornan admittedly hit him over the head with a coffee pot, snatched the food, and ran.

According to police, the two men dashed to another apartment in the same complex. Police know this because the idiots left the trail of pizza and wing sauce from the scene of the attack to the front door of the apartment where they took the pizza.

Not only did the pair seem to be awful thieves, they’re apparently messy eaters, too.

When police found the two men, Le-Andre had pizza and wing sauce all over his pants and shirt, which made it even easier for the pizza guy — whom Le-Andre had allegedly assaulted just minutes earlier — to identify him as one of the pizza pirates.

When police questioned the two alleged perpetrators, Dornan must have realized that with a trail of sauce leading to his door and a friend wearing the extra-hot evidence, the game was over. He admitted to hitting the driver with the coffee pot and stealing the food.

Just to be different Le-Andre,  denied everything, and while sitting covered in sauce, refused to give officers his name.

When police searched the apartment, they found the pizza, the wings, and the delivery bag.

Le-Andre was booked on charges of armed robbery and failure to identify himself to an officer. Dornan was booked on charges of armed robbery.

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