Windmill Barbados Hot Pepper Sauce

If you are looking for something different and unique, the Windmill Barbados Hot Pepper Sauce is the #1 choice of hot pepper sauce in Barbados and now Americans are loving it too! The pepper sauce is made from a family recipe that is over 100 years old and was passed down through the generations in the Barbadian Miller family.

The delicious hot pepper sauce is a nice mixture of hot peppers, vinegar, mustard and tantalizing spices. This is a great hot pepper sauce that you can use for marinating your chicken wings and then baking, broiling or grilling them.  You get a real taste of the islands with this sauce.  Because of the mustard base, it may not appear to be a hot pepper sauce, but after tasting it, you will definitely be loving the hot unique flavor.

The Windmill hot pepper sauce is typically sold in 10 ounce and 26 ounce glass bottles and is made on the Caribbean island of Barbados so it is a national and authentic Barbadian hot pepper sauce. Check our site for other sauces from Barbados that you will enjoy.  We have several that will tempt your taste buds.

At Insane Chicken, we have several mustard based hot pepper sauces that you will love to try.  With varying heat levels, the mustard base brings a whole new flavor sensation to your barbequed meats and other foods.  Regionally, the mustard base hot sauce is enjoyed in the Carolinas, so grab a couple of different bottles to try with your next BBQ and see which one it your favorite flavor.  You will be glad you did!


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