Wild-Mild BBQ Sauce Review

This is one of the best barbecue sauces I’ve ever tasted. I opened the bottle and stuck my finger straight in. Fortunately, my wife doesn’t mind this behavior, and I did wash my hands first.

I tasted the Wild-Mild BBQ Sauce by itself and was impressed right away by delicate balance of sweet, smoky elements of the sauce, as well as the light application of cayenne peppers included to give it added flavor. I say “added flavor” because that’s exactly what the peppers do. There’s no real heat to this, which is the point of  the sauce, but there is flavor out of this world.

I put some pork and beef ribs on the grill, minus the rub I usually apply. I wanted to taste this sauce on its own, to see how it would complement both types of ribs. I added Uncle Dougie’s to some of the ribs while they cooked and set some aside to put on the ribs after they were cooked. I wanted to cover all my bases. The bottom ne, regardless of how the sauce was applied, Uncle Dougie’s did an outstanding job of bringing out the flavor of the meat without losing its own special flavor.

My son, who can be a picky eater, loves to dip his chicken nuggets in Uncle Dougie’s Wild-Mild Barbecue sauce. He eats more chicken nuggets than usual because he loves the taste of the sauce.

I typically like my barbecue sauce a little more on the spicy side. The good thing about Uncle Dougie’s, you can add a few red pepper flakes to the mix, or even splash in a bit of your favorite hot sauce (I recommend a couple shots of Uncle Brutha’s Allsauce No. 10, which makes a perfect companion to Uncle Dougie’s).

Uncle Dougie’s Wild-Mild Barbecue sauce is a perfect partner for any type of meat or poultry. It’s a pourable sauce, with just the right consistency, featuring tiny bits of the ingredients in a sauce that isn’t thin and clings to whatever food you paint it on.

I love to barbecue, and when I do, I want my sauce to be the centerpiece of the meal. Uncle Dougie’s is a barbecue sauce to fit that role. I can’t imagine doing barbecue with anything else, and I won’t even be applying my traditional barbecue rub anymore.

All I want to taste is the Wild-Mild with Uncle Dougie’s name plastered across the top of the bottle.

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