Widows No Survivors Hot Sauce Review

The bottle design of Widow’s No Survivors Hot Sauce is awesome. There’s a plastic black widow attached to the neck, daring you to open this bottle of sauce and give it a try. The name of the sauce is written in big blood red letters, along with a cute little tag line that read No Survivors. Maybe that’s part of the sauce’s name. I can’t really tell and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the way this sauce tastes and the way it makes you feel.

First of all, Widow’s No Survivors Hot Sauce follows in the footsteps of some of those one-drop sauces that knock you on your butt with a tiny taste. I put a drop on my finger and was immediately bitten by the heat. It gave my tongue a pretty good scorch and I felt it burning its way down my throat and spreading through my belly like a raging fire. The upside is the taste. Behind that heat, somehow the flavor came through. Many sauces that punch you in the face with a single drop do so at the expense of flavor. That doesn’t happen here. There’s a rich, smoky flavor that accompanies the extreme heat.

The ingredient list here boasts habanero peppers, assorted hot peppers (how’s that for ambiguous), Worcestershire, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and the ever loveable capsaicin. These ingredients hint at what you can expect, but you don’t quite understand until the sweat breaks out on your forehead.

Flavor or not, too much of this sauce would be, well . . . too much. In order to get the most out of it, you need to learn how to use it wisely. It’s a sauce with a lot of potential, that’s for sure.

Chili first. Chili dogs, to be more exact. I love chili dogs with lots of onions, banana peppers, shredded cheese, and relish. The chili can be something I make myself or one of the better canned chili sauces. If I buy chili in a can, I always enhance the flavor with one of my sauces, and Widow’s Hot Sauce was my sauce of choice for my latest round of chili dogs. Widow’s hot sauce fiery blend of peppers, complete with seeds and pepper bits, added to a can of Steak and Shake chili and ladled over my chili dogs was a treat. I ate four of them, and I felt the heat in every bite. Widow is the perfect chili component.

I would never recommend you introduce a beginner to Widow’s No Survivors Hot Sauce. If you are an experienced chili head who’s looking for something that will have you wiping your forehead after every bite, or if you’re just looking for something to add to your favorite pot of chili, a bottle of Widow’s Hot Sauce should be sitting on your shelf as soon as possible.

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