Widow No Survivors Hot Sauce Review

Widow Hot Sauce comes with a plastic Black Widow spider attached to the neck of the bottle, warning you of the danger inside the bottle. The tag line at the bottom of the bottle is No survivors. I’m inclined to believe that little warning after having taken a drop of this sauce on the tip of my finger.

Widow No Survivors Hot Sauce is a hot hot sauce. That’s the only way to describe it. I felt the heat searing my mouth immediately, followed by a rush of heat that lit my stomach on fire. If that wasn’t enough, I found myself wiping sweat from my brow.

Then I went back for a larger dose of the widow’s venom. Why in the world would I ask for the punishment? Because the widow lured me in with her exquisite blend of fine ingredients, some of which include habanero peppers, assorted hot peppers, Worcestershire, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and a bit of capsaicin to really bite deep and hard. These ingredients are so well balanced that the flavor of the sauce comes through as bold and insistent as the fire.

There’s a slightly smoky taste to Widow No Survivors Hot Sauce that makes it perfect for adding to barbecue sauces. It makes a great addition to a bowl of chili as well. Beyond cooking applications, you want to be careful with the sauce, though. I tried using it to kick up some of my dips and found it to be extremely hot. Moderation is the key word when you want to use it as an enhancement to anything other than larger quantities of food, so you’ll have to experiment. Taking the time to play with it is worth it for the flavor benefits.

Widow No Survivors Hot Sauce also makes a not-so-surprising star appearance when it comes to Chinese and Tai cosines. I love it in any type of fried rice dish, as an additive to curry dishes, and even to add a bite to the popular sweet and sour dishes.

Give Widow No Survivors Hot Sauce a try and you’ll find yourself under her spell.

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