Widow Hot Sauce Review

Widow Hot Sauce – First of all, if you have forgotten what the bottle looked like when you placed your order, you will likely be quite startled as, while unpacking your order, you find a big black spider on the bottle. Not on the label — on the bottle! It’s plastic, of course, but the two seconds it took me to process that fact were quite disturbing. The yellow, black, and red label also features a black widow — with the distinguishing red hourglass on her belly — sitting in a web. Blood drips from both her fangs and from the words “Widow” and “No Survivors.” There is also a warning that reads, “Extremely HOT SAUCE. Use one drop at a time!” I give the dramatic, attention-getting label 5/5. You really can’t help but notice it — and perhaps wonder whether you are up to the challenge.

Considering the brutal-looking bottle, it comes as no surprise that the first two ingredients are habanero peppers and “assorted hot peppers.” Otherwise, the ingredient label is surprisingly short, consisting of soy sauce, Worcestershire, vinegar, garlic, capsaicin, and xanthan gum. Looking at this list, I’m wondering whether I will able to taste anything at all over the heat! I rate the ingredient list 3/5. It looks impressively hot, but I like to see other vegetables in addition to hot peppers. When I open the cap and cautiously take a whiff, it smells hot! The predominant aroma is habanero and garlic, followed by Worcestershire. I rate the intimidating scent 4/5.

The consistency of Widow Hot Sauce is thin, which is crucial since anything this hot must be measurable in drops. Hot pepper seeds and chunks are distributed throughout the reddish-orange sauce, giving it a very nice consistency that I rate 5/5. I carefully place a single drop of Widow on a spoonful of chili. Ouch! I’m thinking I should have put one drop in the bowl of chili. I taste Worcestershire and garlic for about a second before the heat takes over. Estimated recovery time: about two minutes if you follow the directions, but if you overindulge, you could easily be looking at ten minutes or more of burning tongue, mouth, throat, sinuses, etc. Take the warnings on this one seriously. I rate the taste 4/5. It does have a good flavor, and it absolutely delivers the heat it promises. Widow Hot Sauce would be perfect for just about anything that you want ridiculously hot. A few dishes that come to mind are salsa, oysters, chicken wings, and, of course, screaming hot chili.

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