Wicked Cactus Sauce Head Hunter’s Paradise Hot Sauce Review

Spot a bottle of this Wicked Cactus sauce up on the shelf, pull it down, and boom! You’re sucked in by the time you finish reading the first line on the label.  While the aesthetically pleasing label and bold, assertive typeface don’t hurt its cause, it’s the deep, pigmented color of the sauce on the other side of the glass that will initially catch your attention.

Once you find yourself cracking beyond the safety seal and pouring a generous helping of the sauce onto your eggs (mine were scrambled with mushrooms and onion), you’ll next notice its salsa-like consistency and appreciate the flecks of spices dotting the liquid.  And upon lifting a bit of smothered eggs to your mouth, you’ll discover that the sauce has an unusually wonderful, thick texture and a bold, smoky taste.

The ingredient list surprised me and contained a few firsts for this reviewer, including pineapple, apple cider vinegar, smoked habanero, oranges and red bell peppers (along with salt and other mystery spices).  Wicked Cactus Sauce creates their sauces by hand in small batches – meaning that you can count on quality and freshness in each bottle.  Every bottle boasts a tiny “made on date” label and an accompanying date, which I felt added a unique quality to the bottle verses those of the other sauces in my kitchen’s arsenal. The end result is one I would highly recommend to hot sauce connoisseurs and novices alike.  Bold in flavor and substantial in heat, Wicked Cactus Head Hunter’s Paradise Hot Sauce contains a garden of earthly delights that I was more than happy to take a bite from.

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