Wicked Cactus Head Hunter’s Paradise Hot Sauce

Wicked Cactus hand-crafts its sauces in small batches to ensure quality, freshness, and heat. They do not disappoint. Case in point: Head Hunter’s Paradise Hot Sauce, a fine concoction of pineapple, apple cider vinegar, smoked habanero, oranges, red bell pepper, salt, and spices.

With all that fruit, I doubted whether the habaneros would come through in force, and especially the unique smoked flavor. But as I said, it did not disappoint. Wonderfully thick and chunky, Head Hunter’s Paradise is both sweet and savory, hot and fruity, and decidedly smoky. Salsa-like in consistency, it had more the feel of a very spicy barbecue sauce than a table condiment. But frankly, it could serve just as well in either capacity.

For that matter, the acidic fruits and vinegar make it a robust marinade for beef and pork (or game). It certainly packs a punch heat-wise so I would use it sparingly and not marinade the meat for longer than two or three hours.

Beyond those applications, I think if you added a few tablespoons to diced tomatoes and onions, you’d have a nice, basic, and exceptionally hot salsa. Having tasted it just before writing this, my noise is running and my brow is moist. Wicked Cactus spares nothing in its pursuit of fresh, hot sauces made with simple, delicious ingredients. I highly recommend Head Hunter’s Paradise Hot Sauce and all other Wicked Cactus sauces.

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