What is a Scotch Bonnet Pepper and how is it Used?

Every country has specialty peppers that grow well in that particular climate and are used in local dishes lending to the unique flavors for the area.  The Scotch Bonnet pepper is one of those peppers.

Found normally in Caribbean areas like Jamaica, Barbados and Haiti, as well as West Africa, the Scotch Bonnet is considered a very hot pepper, ranging on the Scoville Scale from 100,000 to 350,000 units.  The Scotch Bonnet has a very distinct flavor and is used in traditional Caribbean dishes, especially in pork and chicken jerk recipes, making a true flavor statement.  Also used in traditional West African dishes and island fare, you can taste the difference a scotch bonnet brings to the dish.

This pepper ranges in color from green to red and one need to handle them much like any other pepper.  Covering your hands and scraping out the membranes and seeds.  The seeds carry most of the heat and many recipes in the Caribbean and West African cultures do use them in food preparation.

Locally, some stores many carry Scotch Bonnets, but more than likely it will be found in specialty stores.  If you are partial to Caribbean foods or enjoy jerk rubs, growing a plant in your home is also an option for the freshest fruit.


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