Westlow’s Bonney Pepper Sauce

If you like trying different and interesting pepper sauce flavors, then I have one for you today.  Westlow’s Bonney Pepper Sauce is made in Barbados, West Indies by a blend of ripe Bonney peppers, onions, mustard flour, wheat flour, salt, sugar, tumeric & vinegar. The sauce is a mustard yellow color and not red like traditional hot sauces.

This Bonney hot pepper sauce has a very distinct aroma and a very distinct flavor and is unlike most other hot pepper sauces found in North America. This pepper sauce is fantastic with chicken, fish and egg dishes and makes a great condiment for dipping straight out of the bottle.  You can also try it on your favorite hot dogs for an added spicy kick.

The Bonney pepper is native to Barbados and is considered Medium-High heat.  It is a member of the same species as Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets.  With the recipe that combines these spicy hot peppers and the spiciness of mustard along with the bite of vinegar, you will have a nice hot and spicy kick.

If you are looking to purchase a hot sauce that is full-bodied with flavor  or want to enhance some of your own recipes from Barbados, this would be a good one to add to your shopping list.

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