Wake the Fuck Up! Extra Strong Coffee Review

Wake the Fuck Up! Extra Strong Coffee - The first thing to note is that Wake the Fuck Up Coffee may indeed be mega-caffeinated, but it’s not spicy. You may think that because it’s sold by Insane Chicken that there are bits of dried habaneros among the drip ground coffee beans, but no, this is about getting your heart racing rather than your lips burning (unless, of course, you forget to blow on it before drinking it).

The second thing to note is that coffee is hard to review because people’s tastes are different, and the coffee experience tends to be a highly personal one. What it tastes like the way I’m inclined to prepare it could be very different from how it tastes in a myriad of other preparations. I will say that “extra strong” likely refers to its caffeine quotient rather than its flavor. It’s actually rather mild tasting and could stand having bolder flavors added to it, be it hazelnut syrup or Irish whiskey.

Of course, if you’re a true coffee nut and like your coffee freshly ground, you probably would think twice about ordering a pound bag of ground beans online anyway. All the vacuum sealing in the world won’t make it taste the same as if you’d ground the beans yourself just before brewing. So what, then, should we do with Wake the Fuck Up Coffee?

Well, you’re certainly welcome to drink it if you need an extra boost of caffeine in the morning or need fuel for an all-night study session. But I would propose that Wake the Fuck Up Coffee may ideally be used in recipes that call for instant coffee or ground coffee beans. Imagine making cookies, brownies, and cakes that provide a serious jolt of energy beyond what temporary rush the sugar provides. Add it to your ice cream maker and turn brain freeze into brain frenzy.

Whatever you choose to do with Wake the Fuck Up Coffee, be sure to have some other activities planned, because you won’t likely be getting to sleep anytime soon.

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