Wake the Fuck Up Coffe Review

Wake the Fuck up Coffee isn’t Starbucks or Seattle’s Best coffee. It isn’t gourmet coffee. This is a coffee with one purpose, which is to wake you up. As the name implies, it is a high-octane blend of coffee beans that have an extra-high caffeine content.

I stumbled out of bed at eleven o’clock in the morning on the day my bag of Wake the Fuck up Coffee happened to arrive. By default, I need a full pot of coffee to even begin my day. That’s just the way it has always been. These days, I typically start the morning with a full-sized coffee cup of espresso, so it takes a pretty mean normal coffee to get my eyes pried open. My adorable wife had a pot of Wake the Fuck up Coffee brewing for me before my feet hit the floor. I’d had a particularly grueling night, so I wondered if this new coffee was going to live up to its reputation. I couldn’t wait to find out.

As I usually do, I stood in front of the coffee pot and watched it brew, thinking I could speed the process. That only makes the time go slower. The fragrance of this coffee permeated the air, giving me a pleasant little lift before I even poured my first cup.

Needless to say, I didn’t wait for the full pot to brew. I poured a cup when the brewing process was about half finished. I wanted to ensure I got the full effect of this coffee, which I did. The first cup had my eyes wide open and my senses keen. When they claim your new motto will be Sleep is for the dead, they are dead serious.

Here’s the reason for the high content of caffeine. There are two major types of beans, arabica and robusta. The robusta beans have a higher caffeine content. It’s the robusta beans that Wake the Fuck up Coffee uses.

With my eyes wide open, I popped a box of Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts. A good coffee has to stand up to the doughnut test, as far as I’m concerned. After enjoying three cups of Wake the Fuck up with a half dozen Krispy Kremes, I was on a combination caffeine/sugar rush that had my day more productive than I could have imagined. If you like good coffee and a quick wake up call, grab yourself a couple bags of Wake the Fuck up Coffee.

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