Voo Doo Magic Hot Sauce Review

Voo Doo Magic Hot Sauce – This is a hot sauce that has replaced just about all of my steak sauces. It has a thin pour and is the color of A-1 sauce. The ingredients include orange juice, habanero pepper, allspice, thyme, garlic, brown sugar, an soy sauce. The flavor includes a heavy sweet element that gets put in its place by a strong heat factor. The habanero really shines in this sauce. I like to call it steak sauce with a bite. When I grill a steak, I pour Voo Doo Magic Hot Sauce all around the side of the plate and run every bite of my steak through it. The flavor of the sauce brings the steak alive without overpowering the delicate taste of the meat.

I slathered jumbo shrimp with Voo Doo Magic Hot Sauce and slapped them on the grill. The aroma that wafted up from the grill made my mouth water. I love to barbecue shrimp. I’ve got several favorite sauces for this purpose, but I knew Voo Doo Magic Hot Sauce was going to be a hit. It was awesome. My wife loved it too. We eat a lot of seafood. This sauce works well on just about any kind of fish, lightly painted on during the cooking process. I was happy to find that its flavor shines through without disrupting the flavor of the food.

Voo Doo Magic Hot Sauce is one of those well-crafted sauces that use a few choice ingredients and combine them in such a way that the resulting sauce is something you want to write home about. There are numerous hot sauces on the market, but Voo Doo Magic Hot Sauce stands out in the crowd as one you will be more than happy to bring to your dinner table. It will complement any food you use it on and probably won’t last long, so be prepared to grab a couple of bottles. This is a taste treat you’re going to enjoy.

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