Vicious Viper Hot Sauce Review

Deep in the grass, where your momma told you never to go, there lies a predator silently waiting for a victim. Fangs bared, with ample venom to make the kill the Vicious Viper Hot Sauce is ready– and hungry.

The bottle claims that is a sauce not to be messed with lightly. That “you don’t know HOT until you’ve been bitten by the Vicious Viper.” It says this is a food supplement to be taken only one drop at a time. And so I step warily into the grass, forewarned of the dangers that lie before me. I open the bottle to reveal the potent poison within.

The first whiff smells of bananas and fresh Habenero peppers. A subtle fruitiness that draws me closer, begging me to take a taste.

The sauce contains a tropical island of fruit including papaya, guava, pineapple, passion fruit juice, and bananas. Tomato, mustard, vinegar and sugar balance out the fruit while Habenero peppers and pepper extract are responsible for the heat.

I move to take a taste as the Viper coils, its eyes filled with burning fire and hate. The sauce hits my tongue and the deceptively sweet fruit flavors seep onto my palate. And then Bam! The snake strikes, its fangs ripping into my taste buds, the heat coming in a solid wave neither growing nor relenting. The smooth and slightly runny sauce quickly moves throughout my mouth filling my throat with a vinegary fire.

But as quickly at it comes the pain disappears. Just a minute later only a lingering warmth remains. Perhaps the Viper is more potent in larger quantities?

I mix a spoonful with brown sugar, orange juice and spices to make a glaze for chicken wings. The flavor is good, and the sweet pain momentarily intense, but once again it quickly dies. Later I squirt it onto crispy chicken tenders and find that they are easily bearable. When mixed into a dish the sauce lends heat but its  flavor doesn’t shine through. On its own it makes a good table condiment to be used with any number of foods.

Overall Vicious Viper Hot Sauce has a fine balance of fruit and peppers that one rarely finds in fruit-based sauces. But contrary to the warning on the label this is NOT a one-drop sauce.  I guess this is one snake that loves to bite but just can’t seem to finish you off.

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