Venom Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Venom Hot Sauce – With a name like Venom, I expected an explosion from the word go. Venom is hot, for sure. It starts with a rich, smoky aroma, a dark orangish-red color, and a medium-thick pour. I started with a chimichanga, which is a flour tortilla filled with whatever your heart desires. This one was simple, stuffed with steak pieces, refried beans, cheese, and some avocado pieces. I dribbled some Venom over the top of the ingredients and cooked them in the oven.

While the heat level in Venom Hot Sauce could never be considered weak, it is by no means as dangerous as I’ve felt from other sauces. It’s enough to make anyone who loves his sauce hot stick around for seconds, and it’s certainly not for the uninitiated, but you should be able to eat it without going into cardiac arrest.

Along with the burn, Venom boasts a simple ingredient list that includes habanero peppers, lime juice, balsamic vinegar (which i adore), white wine vinegar, and the ever-popular kick in the backside known as chile extract. this is a potent ingredient, and one that should be used mildly. One of the most common mistakes made by hot sauce crafters is the misuse of this component. Because the extract is used wisely here, Venom Hot Sauce delivers excellent flavor personality (smoky and rich) with a satisfying heat that makes this one of the best of the high-level heat sauces I’ve ever tried.

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