Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Chicken Wing Marinade Review

I want you to know that I am writing this immediately – I mean, immediately – after sampling the product. In fact, my nose is still running from the peppery heat. I love hot wings and I make them often, but Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Wing Sauce proves that you can teach on old dougie – er, doggie – new tricks.

Dougie prints a recipe for the wings right on the label, and though it differed from I usually make wings, I decided to do it his way. Well, right now, his way is the only way as far as I’m concerned. These were some very tasty wings and while they weren’t deadly hot, they had a nice even spiciness that made my nose run, my brow sweat, and my mouth asking for more.

The sauce itself consists of “red peppers, peppers, malt vinegar, vinegar, salt, natural spices and seasoning, sugar, and other natural flavors.” An astounding lack of specifics in terms of which kind of peppers and which kind of spices were used, but that’s OK. I understand it’s a competitive business. Suffice to say Uncle Dougie’s Chicago Style Chicken Wing Marinade makes some of the best wings you will ever taste.

Truth to tell, I’m not even sure I know what “Chicago style” is all about, but I’m sold on the idea. And as Dougie is based in Barrington, Illinois, I assume he knows what he’s doing. Take it from me: do it his way, and you’ll be a very happy diner.

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