Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 Review

Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 has three pepper ingredients, all of them superstars in their own right; Habaneros, red and green jalapenos, and Serrano chilies. Add to that a few unusual ingredients, such as beets, cress, and spinach, and you have a hot sauce blend that can definitely be called unique.

First of all, if heat is what you want, Uncle Brutha’s will make your forehead damp. The cool thing about this heat is that it doesn’t overwhelm the smoky taste of the sauce. The heat factor is about a six on a ten scale, but it’s a slow heat one that teases the tongue and gradually warms your belly.

I tried my Uncle Brutha’s straight out of the bottle and enjoyed the tiny bits of mixed peppers, then I tried it as a steak sauce. Let me tell you,there isn’t a better sauce to put on your plate beside a juicy, medium rare T-bone. I’ve tried many sauces with my steaks, and not one of them has ever married so perfectly to a T-bone. Uncle Brutha’s is now my steak sauce of choice.Uncle Brutha’s is an excellent choice for not only steak, but for pork and chicken as well.

I even tried it with some boiled jumbo shrimp and found it to be complimentary. I decided to grill some of those shrimp with Uncle Brutha’s painted on and I’ve found a new favorite treat. Grilled shrimp with Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce will take you down to Cajun country.

That wasn’t the extent of my experimentation. I had a taste for Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 first thing in the morning, if you can believe that. Not before my coffee, let’s get serious. I’m not normally a breakfast kind of guy, but I needed to find an excuse to pour some Uncle Brutha’s. Eggs sounded like a good idea.

I scrambled some eggs and left out my normal ingredients to let the Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 shine through. When the eggs were just about finished, I poured a generous amount of the sauce in, allowed it to warm up, and jumped right into my scrambled eggs. Uncle Brutha’s kick came through, and the texture of the mixed peppers enhanced my scrambled eggs perfectly. There’s nothing weak about Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10, so some of you may not need to apply it as generously as I did.

If you’re looking for a sauce with a smoky bite and a combination of unusual ingredients that will make your mouth water, Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 is one to indulge in.

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