Uncle Brutha’s Fire Sauce No. 9 Review

I’d been eagerly eyeballing my bottle of Uncle Brutha’s Fire Sauce No. 9 sauce all week, mapping out what recipes I could brew up to put it to use. It’s packaged in a small, sophisticated looking bottle with a stately illustration of whom I can only imagine is Uncle Brutha himself. He is smiling at me confidently, knowing I will try and love his delicious product. I will cook something very good to use your sauce with, I responded telepathically. Uncle Brutha, I let you down, but you certainly came through for me.

The sauce pours easily, a Salsa Verde base featuring Serrano chiles, garlic, ginger, cilantro and green onion, a “Southweaster/C’asian fusion perfect for anything.” Alongside the ingredients Uncle Brutha lists highlights a handful of awards in a separate column. These aren’t hollow boasts.

It has a thick, almost meaty scent, which I can honestly only liken to Beggin’ Strips, the infamous canine treat. I hope this doesn’t dismay tasters, or Uncle Brutha himself, since I intend it in the highest of compliments. Long have I wanted to sample a Beggin’ Strip for its enticing aroma, but have never mustered the bravery. Fire Sauce No. 9 brought one of my long running fantasy to life (without having to actually eat dog food).

The heat level is comfortable for anyone enamored with spicy food. Its not so hot that you can’t apply liberally, so a spoonful (or two for adventurous souls) works just fine, and you can enjoy the flavor as well as the fire. Its full-bodied, like a good wine, while the spiciness seeps in like afterburn.

From first glance, I knew I wanted to try Fire No. 9 on a burrito. Alas, come Sunday night, the contents of my kitchen were decidedly burrito free. Uncle Brutha, I’m sorry, I drove to a fast food taco joint and pillaged their corporate wares instead of preparing a delicious home cooked meal. I was willing to stave off temptation and wait just one more day, but, in a portentous moment of destiny, they forgot to include fire sauce in my bag, and the moment was born. 

Uncle Brutha’s Fire Sauce No. 9 sauce perfectly complimented my corn shell tacos with beef and a chicken and avacado burrito. I guilitily wolfed it all down, knowing I should have dished it out onto something more deserving of its effort, but these were the best cheap tacos I’ve ever eaten. And doesn’t the label say perfect for “anything?” More specifically, I think the low heat and high flavor (especially the touches of garlic) would work perfectly with seafood of any type, perhaps to liven up a cajun style swordfish, or better yet, some pan-seared catfish. This really is a staple sauce to bring to the table for any meal; that’s not just hyperbole.

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