Ultra Hot Mad Dog Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce Review

As someone who religiously tops pizza with hot sauce and in turn dips the crust in barbeque sauce, Mad Dog’s Ghost BBQ Sauce and its promise to serve up an “intense BBQ experience” immediately intrigued me.  I’ve had a few run-ins with Mad Dog’s Original BBQ Sauce in my day, but I’ve also found myself toeing the line with the ghost pepper (or Bhut Jolokia) as of late, a pepper that has a history of providing a hefty dose of spice and has caused my eyes to tear up on more than one occasion.   Feelings about the ghost pep aside, Mad Dog has had my number for years, and it didn’t take a huge leap of faith for me to pour a generous amount of this new sauce on to my plate.  And “pour” is the optimal word here – after a good shake, the sauce flowed out from the bottle’s wide mouth with ease and pooled into a puddle next to my pizza.  There was nothing watery in the least about this sauce. 

Upon dipping my first slice of pizza (chicken sausage with caramelized onions, ricotta and red sauce spread over a thing crust), I became an immediate convert from the Original version to the newer, spicier member of the Mad Dog BBQ family.  The thick, rich sauce boasts a unique, smoky flavor with hints of garlic and tomato that is complimented by the heat of the pepper, rather than overpowered by the spice.  While I chose to douse my pizza in it, the sauce would make a dynamite burger on a hot summer night, or the perfect chicken marinade.  Plus, the label boasts all natural ingredients – so really, everybody wins (unless you hate BBQ sauce, in which case, why are you still reading this review?).

Overall: an intense but extremely enjoyable experience that restored my faith in the ghost pepper and made me a further believer in Mad Dog.

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