Toxic Waste Hot Sauce Review

Okay, so there wasn’t a whole lot of thinking going on this morning. I opened a bottle of Toxic Waste Hot Sauce, thinking I wanted to scramble some eggs and add a healthy dose of hot sauce to the mix. What chili head doesn’t love a shot of heat with his eggs?

The problem is, I don’t think well before I have at least a pot of coffee in me, and I hadn’t had my first cup yet, so I had no business playing with the Toxic Waste Hot Sauce. The scrambled eggs were in the pan. I was about to add the Toxic Waste, but before I did, I poured a quarter-size shot on a spoon and put it in my mouth. I wasn’t thinking, like I said, or the name Toxic Waste might have warned me. Or maybe the words “Extract Sauce” tacked on to the name. Anything that has the word extract in the title when we’re talking about hot sauce is probably going to kick.

Toxic Waste Hot Sauce kicks hard.

It felt like I’d had a pool of gasoline on my tongue and dropped a match on it. The flame erupted and ran down my esophagus, exploding into a raging forest fire in my belly.

Bottom line, this is seriously hot sauce. There are no secret culinary ingredients to make Toxic Waste something to analyze and talk about. There’s no pretense. Toxic Waste does not beg to be, or claim to be, anything fancy. This is working class hot.

Habaneros, red wine vinegar, orange juice concentrate, garlic, and capsaicin; simple ingredients with a single purpose, to burn your mouth and anything else that gets in the way.

Here’s the thing, though. If you can get past the extreme heat (which most heat lovers will be able to do), there’s an actual taste waiting for you. Habaneros have a distinct flavor, and that flavor is waiting for you on the other side of the fire. The heat is the defining feature here, but that Habanero is going to add some flavor to your food as well.

I used a few drops on my scrambled eggs after I recovered from my overzealous taste test. Three drops in the eggs was enough. Plenty of heat without overpowering my breakfast. If I hadn’t taken the taste test, four or five drops might have been good.

I made a pot of chili later on, adding several tablespoons (five, to be exact) to a big pot, and even with such a relatively small measure, Toxic Waste Hot Sauce made its presence known, both in terms of flavor and heat. It actually makes a perfect chili complement.

If you like your hot sauce to function the way a hot sauce is supposed to function, Toxic Waste is for you. It’s not for dipping, it’s not for licking, and it isn’t for giving food a little spice; this sauce is meantto add a blazing fire to your food, and that’s exactly what it does.

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