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The Beast Hot Sauce – Billed as being “Hottest this side of Hell,” the Beast Hot Sauce is a deep red, hot sauce that doesn’t screw around. It’s the sort of sauce that you aren’t sure if you should take seriously until you make the mistake of trying more than a drop of it.

The front of the label features a fiery demon looking thing that seems like it was ripped straight from the t-shirt of an 80s hair-metal band.

The warning on the side of the label reads: XXX-Screamly Hot! Which sounds more like the tag line for a horror-themed adult movie than an actual warning.

Just based on the ingredients, the sauce appears fairly run of the mill. The habanero peppers, vinegar, salt, garlic, onion, etc… are the sort of ingredients that seem to go into most sauces. Well, that’s mostly true.

Habaneros can be tricky peppers to deal with. I’ve had habanero sauces that had medium heat and I’ve had others that made me want to kill myself just so the hurting would stop.

With habaneroes, you get a pepper with more flavor than chili peppers, but it usually comes packed with a punch.

There’s no doubt about it, the Beast Hot Sauce has quite a bit of heat, but it isn’t completely unmanageable. The first taste presents a quick hint of robust flavor before the burn takes over. The flavor contains traces of onion and citrus that fills out the pepper flavor as the heat sets in.

Maybe it was the way I tasted it, but heat strangely jumped from the tip of my tongue to the back of my throat. Although the intensity of the pain subsided, it left lingering heat in my mouth.

The flavor of the Beast Hot Sauce makes it a great addition to robust or tomato-based dish. It would probably go well mixed into some sloppy joe, or even mixed into hamburger ground before it’s been cooked for some fiery burgers.

I wasn’t quite satisfied with my taste of a single drop of the sauce. Sure, the warning on the bottle, which read “Keep away from eyes, sensitive body parts, pets and children,” sounds like hyperbole, but how could I know for sure if I had yet to taste much of it?

Since I’m writing this review on the sly while at the office, my options are kind of limited in terms of testing the the Beast Hot Sauce with actual food, so I had to go with my very unfortunate plan B. I would have to take a hearty swig of the sauce and hope that it does not incapacitate me before I could finish this review.

Bad idea. So much pain.

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  1. brandon knutson said:

    Feb 03, 11 at 8:23 am

    i picked out the beast thinking it was gonna knock my socks off instead i thought it was only a little hotter than the blazen sauce from buffalo wild wings and i ended up using half the bottle with one meal…dont get me wrong it is a full flavor very tasty hot sauce but i was looking for somthing with more of a kick

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