The Beast Hot Pepper Sauce Review

The Beast hot sauce is aptly name. This stuff has enough raging heat to make even the most avid hot sauce lover think he has gone up against a formidable force. The label warns you that the sauce contains the hottest peppers and pepper extracts in the world. A bold statement like that always prompts me to shrug a little. A lot of pepper sauces make that claim. Of those that do make the claim, about sixty percent (I’m estimating, of course) come anywhere close to fulfilling the promise. Some come closer than others. The very few who manage to live up to the words are typically so damn hot you can’t touch the stuff, so forget about enjoying the taste.

Not so with this sauce. The Beast hot sauce has a delicate aroma, a medium pour, and a rich red-brown color to it. The taste, after the initial contact begins to die down, is a savory peppery flavor that you can truly enjoy.

Notice I said “after the initial contact” dies down. What I should say is, after the initial fire burns out. This sauce explodes on your tongue on contact, numbing it, then pours like volcanic lava down your throat before it hots your stomach like Napalm. It hurts, pure and simple, but it only hurts for a minute or so (assuming you didn’t overdo it), then the savory goodness comes through. The ingredients are basic; habanero peppers, pepper extract, vinegar, citrus juice, onion, and garlic. There are some additional spices as well, but the extract and habaneros are at the forefront with taste and heat, leaving your lips numb for some time to come.

The Beast hot sauce is a great sauce for cooking. It goes well with chili and makes a great addition to stew, spaghetti sauce, and other sauces as well. It works great as a dip for burritos and other Mexican foods, but be cautious when you dip. Too much will kill the taste of the food, not because the sauce is bad, but because the heat will override it.

If you’re looking for a sauce that burns like hell while delivering the classic taste of a peppery hot sauce, unleash the The Beast hot sauce. It’s a hard one to tame.

The Beast hot sauce


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