Tapatio Hot Sauce Review

I have always enjoyed the flavor of Tapatio Hot Sauce. It isn’t always on my shelf, and it isn’t one of those sauces I crave, but when I do have it on hand, I use it frequently. It’s made from water, red peppers, assorted spices, salt, garlic, and not a whole lot more. It’s one of those peppery tasting pepper sauces, which is what makes it so appealing. It’s warm enough to add a kick to your food, but it’s mild enough you could introduce someone to the wonderful world of hot sauce with it.

I use Tapatio Hot Sauce heavily with Mexican foods. That’s where it shines, probably not so surprisingly. The flavor is distinctly Mexican. It’s an excellent taco sauce, great on burritos and nachos, and the perfect complement to a guacamole dip. I also make a pretty mean Mexican pizza with Tapatio Hot Sauce as the sauce. The rest of the ingredients for the pizza include shredded Mexican cheese, diced tomatoes, green chilies, cilantro, and diced onions. The whole thing sits on a baked flour tortilla; top it with sour cream if you like. Tapatio Salsa Picante is extremely well balanced with these ingredients.

Tapatio Salsa Picante is probably the best sauce I can think of to add to a Bloody Mary, if drinking Bloody Marys is your thing, and it adds a nice touch to V8 Juice, which I like to chug now and then.

How about oysters on the half shell? Again, if it’s your thing. I like them, and I always add a liberal dose of Tapatio Hot Sauce.

I don’t mind adding Tapatio Hot Sauce to beef stew and various soups as well. It’s a nice little sauce when you have it, with a few uses that it suit it well, so I’d suggest grabbing a bottle and trying it on your next Mexican feat. I think you’ll dig it.

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