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Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 Review

Uncle Brutha’s Hot Sauce No. 10 has three pepper ingredients, all of them superstars in their own right; Habaneros, red and green jalapenos, and Serrano chilies. Add to that a few unusual ingredients, such as beets, cress, and spinach, and you have a hot sauce blend that can definitely be called unique.

First of all, if heat is what you want, Uncle Brutha’s will make your forehead damp. The cool thing about this heat is that it doesn’t overwhelm the smoky taste of the sauce. The heat factor is about a six on a ten scale, but it’s a slow heat one that teases the tongue and gradually warms your belly.

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Uncle Brutha’s Fire Sauce No. 9 Review

I’d been eagerly eyeballing my bottle of Uncle Brutha’s Fire Sauce No. 9 sauce all week, mapping out what recipes I could brew up to put it to use. It’s packaged in a small, sophisticated looking bottle with a stately illustration of whom I can only imagine is Uncle Brutha himself. He is smiling at me confidently, knowing I will try and love his delicious product. I will cook something very good to use your sauce with, I responded telepathically. Uncle Brutha, I let you down, but you certainly came through for me. Continue Reading