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Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce Review

Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce – For every line of hot sauce, there is almost always at least one variety that is presented as the odd one out. While the majority of the sauce in that line, may promote themselves as exhibiting different levels of torture to your mouth, there is usually that one flavor that supposed to be a little different, without any indication as to whether that means more or less heat.

Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce is one of those sauces.

If the label is to be believed, Renegade is the rebel of the Pit Bull hot sauce family. Continue Reading

Pit Bull Hot Sauce Review

I may as well begin this review of Pit Bull Hot Sauce (original flavor) with my only criticism of the product: the bottle it comes in is too damned small.

Pit Bull comes in a fairly standard 5 oz. bottle (as well as a 12 oz. size), but whereas a lot of hot sauces are consumed a few drops at a time and therefore can last weeks or even months in the fridge before you need to buy a replacement, I’ve consumed almost half the bottle and I’ve only been using it for two days. Continue Reading