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Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Review

“Da Bomb,” a version of “The Bomb,” may refer to a nuclear weapon, ala the atomic bomb, or to an English language idiom to characterize something as awesome (for example, “did you see the concert last night?  It was ‘da bomb!’” Unfortunately for everyone involved, this hot sauce’s flavors embodied more of the former definition and contained no trace of the latter.

From the moment that I held the small glass bottle that houses Da Bomb Beyond Insanity in my hot little hand, I was wary.  Reminiscent of the bottle that Alice discovers labeled “Drink Me” in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” I had an inkling that this hot sauce was going to either make me immediately smaller (as a direct result of shedding layers of clothes due to Da Bomb’s heat index), or swiftly grow larger (as my tongue swelled with spice/heat).  But which would it be? Continue Reading

Top 10 Pepper Extracts

The key ingredient to Pepper Extracts is capsaicin and can be obtained only from chile peppers and in not any other plant, animal, or mineral. Detectable to the human taste buds to one part in one million, this formidable alkaloid is extracted from hot chiles as an oleoresin (thick oil) used in super hot sauces, pepper sprays and pepper extracts. Pure capsaicin is so potent that chemists who handle the crystalline powder need to work in a filtered “tox room” in full body protection. The suit has a closed hood in order to avoid breathing … Continue Reading

Review of Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce

This time Insane Chicken.com is truly insane!

This is “Atomic Eh?” and today I am spending some time in the kitchen. Just received a package from my favorite store, Insane Chicken.com and the first thing I pull out of the box is a new product called Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. I hope it’s “Atomic!”

Everyone repeat after me, “Fear and trepidation!” Jolokia Peppers always make me think twice about using caution. Continue Reading

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce Review

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce – People who are not fans of the habanero-lime taste will not be converted with this sauce. However, the lack in originality in the taste department is more than made up for with the heat.

Hot sauce aficionados are well aware of the dreaded (yet much loved) ghost pepper. Officially known as the bhut jolokia pepper, Guinness dubbed it the hottest chili pepper in 2007. Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce in all of its firey glory, is billed as “ghost pepper hot sauce.” This is somewhat misleading. Tomato paste, habanero and lime form the base to this sauce and ghost pepper powder makes a guest appearance.

The image of an atomic bomb on the bottle showcases the intent of this sauce: to explode in your mouth and annihilate your taste buds. Continue Reading

Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Review

I was a little nervous to try Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. I’ve had Da Bomb Ground Zero and it brought me to my knees. Since this one is made with the extremely hot Naga Jolokia, I expected to be punished with the intensity of the heat. In fact, I expected to find a sauce that was nearly unusable without mixing it sparingly in enough food to feed a hundred people.

I opened the Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Sauce and dipped the tip of a tooth pick in. I wanted to prepare myself.  You’ve heard the old saying, It will clear out your sinuses, right? Well, trust and believe that this sauce will do just that. Continue Reading

The Source Hot Sauce

Billy is as crazy as it gets… Even after reading the warnings on The Source Hot Sauce he still jumps in with both feet.  At first it appears that Billy can handle The Source without any problems but then, the heat kicks in.

The The Source Hot Sauce is really a pepper extract with a whopping 7.1 Scoville rating.

WARNING – This video may contain swears.

The Source Hot Sauce Review

Source Hot SaucePeople are constantly looking for the world’s hottest hot sauces. Even a drop of The Source Hot Sauce will leave you out of breath and begging for mercy. This stuff is not what you would use to fool around with friends as you can seriously injure someone with it used inappropriately or against the manufacturers’ guidance.

Hot sauce is typically a spicy sauce made with vinegar and chili peppers (fruits of plants of the Capsicum) as its main ingredients. It is the capsaicinoids that are in the peppers that gives the the hot taste. The Source Hot Sauce only has Natural extractives of Chile peppers. Continue Reading

Da Bomb Ground Zero Review

Let me put this sauce in perspective. The Scoville chart measures pepper heat level in units. A Jalepeno is between 2,500 and 3,500 units, Cayenne peppers are between 30,000 and 50,000 units, Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets are between 100,000 and 350,000 units, and Da Bomb Ground Zero weighs in at 234,000 Scoville units. What this means, in layman’s terms, is that this sauce, without much effort, could blister your tongue on contact.

Da Bomb Ground Zero comes in a little bottle reminiscent of an old time medicine bottle, with a big green bomb on the label. Continue Reading

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce Review

I just discovered a new way to lose weight. It’s called the Da Bomb Diet, and it features Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce. You see, I read recently that a lot of overweight people eat too fast, and therefore their bodies don’t have a chance to register the sensation of feeling full, which means that fast eaters also tend to eat too much. Da Bomb solves that problem by making a sauce so insanely hot that you can’t help but eat any food touched by it extremely slowly.

Da Bomb makes a couple of varieties of hot sauce; Beyond Insanity likely is a shot at Dave’s Insanity, which can also be used as a weapon of sorts. Continue Reading