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Ahrun’s Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce Review

Ahrun’s Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce – This is billed as a barbecue sauce. It’s slightly thin for the purpose, but the taste of the sauce makes up for it.  The ingredients this sauce sports include corn syrup, vinegar, sugar, mustard,  worcestershire sauce, onions, garlic, tamarind, cloves, and chili pepper extract.

Ahrun’s Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce is a very sweet sauce with a slight bite of fire. It works extremely well on ham and other pork, it’s great on chicken, and it even makes a great addition to seafood. Despite the thin personality of the sauce, if you keep painting it on your food while you’re grilling, it maintains its flavor and finally manages to thicken up a bit.
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Ahrun’s Famous Voo Doo Magic Review

Winner of the 2004 International Fiery Food Challenge, VooDoo Magic Hot Sauce is the creation of Chef Ahrun.  On the bottle’s label, two skeletons dance around three red chilies on a floor of flames, while behind the text is what appears to be a piece of burlap, representing the “Voo Doo” theme well.

The label for VooDoo Magic also boasts a number of clever catch phrases, including the statement “sweet …with the heat,” and my personal favorite, “shake to wake.”  How clever, I remember thinking as I tossed a burger onto the grill.

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