Sweet Chili Pepper Sauce

There are so many recipes and different ways to use peppers to make them hot and spicy, so let’s talk about a sweet chili sauce that is popular in many cuisines.  It is available in bottles at many grocery and online stores but making it is super simple too.

The different types of sweet chili sauce are normally found in Thai or Malaysian cooking. There are also a few barbeque sauce companies that make a sweet pepper sauce too, such as Franks.  It is used for marinating chicken and pork mainly.  Some also use it as a condiment for dipping spring rolls or deep fried foods.  It is also excellent with seafood and fish.

There recipes available to make your own vary in heat. You can definitely change the amount of peppers or chili flakes depending on your tastes. The sweetness levels can also vary dependent on your taste buds. Think about how fabulous it would taste on some wings so you get a sweet and spicy sticky wing.

Check out some of the sweet chili pepper sauces we carry as well as doing a search online for some different recipes. They are easy to prepare and you can store them cold for a few weeks too.  You know those wings sound good!


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