Spittin Fire Hot Sauce Review

The label of Spittin Fire Hot Sauce features, appropriately enough, a fire-breathing dragon, wings raised as he glares at me with his ruby-red eyes. On close inspection of the bottle, the side of the label reads, “Warning! Use extreme caution when handling this sauce. Ignore this warning and you will pay!”

Considering that the first ingredient listed is habanero peppers—and aged cayenne red peppers also make an appearance—I suspect that there may be something to this. I rate the label 4/5. I like the dragon, despite his less-than-friendly appearance.

The ingredient list tells us that, in addition to the aforementioned hot peppers, Spittin Fire Hot Sauce contains ketchup, rice wine vinegar, white wine, honey, lime juice, Dijon mustard, mustard seeds, black pepper, and garlic. There are several other ingredients, but these stood out to me most. Based on these ingredients, I would expect a slightly sweet sauce with some serious kick. I love sweet, hot hot sauces, and I give the ingredient list a 4/5. When I open the bottle, I catch the scent of vinegar, spicy ketchup, and garlic. I rate the scent 3/5.

I pour a little Spittin Fire Hot Sauce on my plate. The orange color of the sauce is what makes it really stand out among other bottles of hot sauce. The medium consistency is thick enough to make it impossible to use one drop, but not too thick. There are chunks of black pepper and seeds of hot pepper scattered throughout. It looks great. I give the consistency 5/5. Excited by what I’ve seen so far, I drizzle a little on my grilled chicken sandwich and take a bite. My first impression: very sweet, probably due largely to the honey and lime juice. There is also a strong habanero flavor accompanied by plenty of heat and a hint of onion and ketchup. I rate the flavor 4/5.

This sauce would be delicious on almost anything you want sweet and very hot. It would be especially delicious on hamburgers and fries, chili, and beans and rice, and it was, of course, excellent on the grilled chicken. With its sweet flavor, fabulous consistency, and well-assembled ingredients, this sauce earns a solid 4/5 rating. And although Spittin Fire Hot Sauce is not insanely hot, I do recommend keeping a glass of water handy if you intend to confront the dragon.

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