Spice Up Your Party with Peppers Appetizer Serving Bowls

It is really a fun idea to incorporate your home grown bell peppers in to wonderful serving pieces for your appetizers when hosting a party or BBQ. Your decorations can be minimal when using the fresh bells out of your garden.  The beautiful colors of the bells, orange, red, yellow and green, will liven up any table setting.  Here is how to use fresh bell peppers for your next get together.

Preparation: You will want to purchase or harvest large green, red or yellow sweet bell peppers that are fresh and have no blemishes. Wash them under cool running water to clean them and pat dry with a paper towel or cotton cloth. You want to hollow out your pepper by removing the stem, seeds and membranes and rinse them clean.  You can retain the top of the stem to use as a cover to the filled pepper or as a decorative piece before serving.  If the pepper doesn’t sit flat, trim a small slice off of the bottom so they will sit up properly.

Here are some great things you can fill your veggie serving bowls with -

* Salsas
* Chip Dips
* Pretzel Dips
* Cocktail Sauce
* Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
* Peanut Snack Mixes
* Crunchy Granola Mixes
* Salad Dressings
* Hamburger & Hot Dog Condiments (Catsup, Mustard, Horseradish, Relish, etc.)
* Salads for each person – instead of using a bowl

If you are serving a spicy soup or chili at your party or backyard barbecue, try serving your soup out of a hollowed out bell pepper instead of a soup or bread bowl.  Sweet bell peppers are a fabulous choice when it comes to serving your favorite appetizers to party guests.  And a huge plus… little clean up!  Enjoy!



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