Snake Bite Habanero Hot Sauce Review

The habanero pepper is believed to have originated in Cuba with the name inferring its heritage translating to meaning “from Havana.” You will feel like you just got bit by a snake as the name infers as the heat continues to spread and the fire burns from the habanero. While this isn’t the hottest sauce I have ever tried, it provided a perfect amount of fiery blend. The Snake Bite Hot Sauce is made with crushed tomatoes, distilled vinegar, water, Tabasco, habanero powder, red pepper flakes, cayenne, mustard powder, salt, black pepper and onion powder.

I used the Snake Bite on a few different foods. Because it contained crushed tomatoes, I thought it would be tasty on steak, which it definitely was. It was also a great addition to several Mexican dishes, including chicken enchiladas.

I think it would also provide just the right amount of spice to some homemade chili. The multi use sauce surely won’t stay in your refrigerator too long. The bold sauce has a thicker consistency so it does not run all over the food. The spicy flavor complements both meats and seafood.

Once you get bitten by the snake, you will never go back. I plan on keeping a bottle of this sauce on hand since my first encounter with the snake. With just a simple splash on your dishes, you can add just the right amount of heat.

Whether you are looking to spice up some eggs, chili, tacos, chicken or wings and are looking for the perfect amount of heat, the Snake Bite will not disappoint. Paw-Paw’s Snake Bite Hot Sauce  has a number of suitable applications making it a versatile habanero hot sauce.

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