Smoky Iguana Chipotle Pepper Sauce Review

The label of Smoky Iguana Chipotle Pepper Sauce features a rare sight: an iguana smoking a cigar — in camouflage, no less. He is climbing onto a rock, apparently leaving the flames of battle behind him, as he smokes his victory cigar. His name is Iggy, of course, and there is a cute little story about his adventures on the side of the bottle. The slogan tells us, “It’s so good, it’s smokin’.” Aside from the implied heat of the flames on the label, this sauce makes no claims of extreme heat. It even describes itself as “Smoky, savory and sort’a hot.” When so many milder sauces seem to feel the need to describe themselves as the hottest stuff on the planet, such honesty is refreshing. I freely give this label 5/5 for its creativity.

Ripe red jalapeno pepper is the first ingredient listed — and the only “hot” ingredient to be found. It is combined with milder, flavorful ingredients such as onions, red bell peppers, fresh tomatoes, garlic, cane sugar, clove, cocoa, corn vinegar, cinnamon, and, of course, artificial smoke flavoring. I give the ingredients list 4/5, as it sounds like an interesting combination. Upon taking off the cap, I’m greeted by the aroma of smoky Worcestershire sauce and garlic. If I concentrate a little more on the underlying scents, I detect tomato, onion, and a little cinnamon. I give the delicious aroma a 4/5. I appreciate that the smokiness, while clearly present, is not overwhelming.

I pour a little Iguana Chipotle Pepper Sauce onto my plate for a closer look. The sauce is a tomtoey/cinnamon brown color. It’s a fairly thick sauce, which is fine since it’s not so hot that it must be used by the drop. In it, I can see a few jalapeno pepper seeds, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and a few herbs. I rate the texture 5/5. I pour a little on my eggs and take a bite. The taste is very smoky, but it is also tomatoey and vinegary with a surprisingly delicious sweetness and a very mild heat. I rate the flavor 4/5. It has a delicious flavor, but most hot sauce lovers will be craving a little more heat. A little more jalapeno would easily make this sauce’s taste a 5/5. I will definitely be eating this on eggs again. I would also recommend it for oysters, steaks, soups, and burgers — really anything that could benefit from some smoky sweetness. And besides, how cute is Iggy?

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