Slap Your Mama Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Hello fellow Chili Heads! It’s another great day in hot sauce country, and this is “Atomic Eh?” shouting out to you from California. Life is good here but my fridge is running low on sauce, so I had to contact my friend Chris at for a new “Atomic” sauce to try.

This one is called:

“So good you’ll want to…SLAP YOUR MAMA!

This one looks great! The label displays an old lady that has a red handprint on her face. The maker is Habby Habanero, and I can’t help but wonder what his relationship is like with his mother.  I have never had a hot sauce that motivated me to slap my mama but let me tell you something—I am excited about this one.
(DISCLAIMER NOTE:  (to all the old ladies in the area) I am not responsible for the behavior resulting in the use of this hot sauce!)

I also have to report that they are also a winner of the Scovie Award. This sauce was evidently recognized as something pretty awesome, so we shall see! I was sad to see that I can’t seem to find their website any more online but the good news is that does have it. So if you are a fan there you go….

Label-Well, like I said, the label is funny and as my wife would say, kind of retro feeling-depicting mama in the kitchen. The colors of the kitchen are reminiscent of the 70’s split pea green; the color of appliances that used to be in fashion, Uh…like, a million years ago! I love fun labels. Sometimes I buy it just for that factor alone. It makes for a great gift to a loved one (If your feeling lucky-your Mama!) or just to put on your shelf as a conversation piece.  But as I write that, I can’t help but wonder if it would be something I would want to bring to a, say, family reunion.  It might cause some problems depending on the amount of alcohol consumed before presentation! I would give this label a 4 out of five. I am not sure if it would be for everyone but for me I like it…just don’t tell my Mother!

Sauce Appearance-The sauce looks good through the bottle.  Even before I shake it, the sauce has not separated. It has a nice brownish/red tint to it and I can see the spices.  A lot of sauce makers will use carrot in their recipe because it will help give a pleasing color and at the same time give some body to the sauce. It appears to be more then just some Habanero peppers blended up with some vinegar. The sauce smells good. The vinegar comes right through and I can also smell the garlic.  I can see large pepper seeds through the bottle.

Taste/Heat-The sauce has an immediate sweet flavor to it. I must admit I was surprised! I was not expecting that. The heat follows right after that but is probably the only thing that really stands out with this sauce. There is a noticeable mustard flavor. It is very pleasing to the pallet.  The sauce’s flavor is good, but the vinegar flavor seems to last forever.  I think this sauce would not be good for dipping chips in but might be really good for say, hot wings. Yum…I am getting hungry just thinking about it! I tried to research the Scovie Award for this product but couldn’t find anything.  I would give it a 4 out of five.

Side note: Just tried some on some homemade fajitas and it was very good. It reminded me of another popular brand called Colon Cleanser.  Taste is very hot and comes with a strong vinegar taste. It’s more then just a fancy label- that’s for sure!

Conclusion-The sauce is pleasing but not one that I would run out and buy a case of. If you want to try something different that has a good heat and a funny label then go get one of these.  I must admit I am a little disappointed because I thought there would be much more flavor since it was awarded a Scovie, but again, as I say that, I do want to communicate to you that it isn’t bad at all. Needless to say that my Mama is in good spirits and I have not had the overwhelming desire to slap her as a result of trying this sauce. I cannot say what it will do for you though. Pick some up at  This is “Atomic Eh?” telling you to…

Keep it hot and keep it spicy!


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  1. Jim fraps said:

    Nov 03, 10 at 8:03 pm

    Jim from jims burning ring of fire here.
    We have this sauce on our list. I have not had the privilege to try it yet.
    I sure will be trying it soon. Great review. Keep up the good work.

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