Selecting the Right Hot Pepper for Your Dish

With so many different types of hot peppers available, it is easy to become overwhelmed when selecting the right pepper for your dish.  Here is a brief summary of a few of the different types of peppers you will see in the stores and what peppers have traditionally worked well in dishes.

Anaheim Chilis are a long green pepper when they are growing, but when mature they turn red.  Often these peppers are used in a Mexican chili verde sauce when green and a chili colorado sauce when red.  These peppers are mild and work well in dishes like stuffed peppers, salsas, enchiladas, etc.  The skin does need to be removed as it is pretty tough but by heating it and the sweating the skin off it does remove easily.

Ancho or Pablamo chilis are also readily availble in stores and these you will seee sometime even dried. You can reconstitute them in warm water if they are not fresh.  There do have a lttle more heat to them than the Anaheims, but these can be used fresh or if dired, ground up.  These peppers are great in chili’s or sauces.

Chipotle pepper is really a jalepeno pepper that has been smoked and dried and then ground up.  You can easily use this pepper as a seasoning to your salsas, and sauces and even as an addition to your chocolates too.

Habanero Chilis or sometimes called Scotch Bonnets are little squatty looking peppers that range in color from green to red.  The red is the mature pepper and is the hottest.  These little bundles of joy are the hottest pepper that you usally see commerically.  Definately use gloves when working with this guy but these can be chopped and used in sauces and chili very easily.  A little will go a long way.

These four peppers are a few of ones that you will normally see in your grocery store.  Later, we wil bring you more descriptions and uses for hot peppers in your favorite dishes.

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