Sauce Bitch Hot Sauce Review

Sauce Bitch is another sweet and spicy sauce that falls into the category of what I like to call exotics. Whenever there’s a combination of fruity ingredients with one of the top-notch heat peppers, I get goose bumps. I can almost always count on it being good, and that’s the case with this one.

Sauce Bitch is an exquisite combination of habaneros, pineapples, oranges, mangos, and raisins that delivers a satisfyingly sweet taste with an undercurrent of heat. The first shot of this sauce won’t burn your mouth. It’s one of those build-up numbers that gets increasingly warmer as you eat more. It never reaches the kind of heat level that will have you stuffing bread in your mouth or downing half a gallon of milk, though. Instead, you get a pleasant heat that tickles your tongue. Combined with the exotic tropical flavors, this sauce is representative of something you might find if you were to do some fine dining in Jamaica.

It’s easy to blend these ingredients, but it takes a special touch to achieve the type of balance the creators of Sauce Bitch managed to pull together. I love using Sauce Bitch as a salsa-type dip for those nights when my wife and I have our corn chips and Mexican cheese dip. I also found it especially appealing with cold shrimp.

Sauce Bitch has an odd greenish color I don’t quite understand. This tastes like more of a bright orange to me, more in line with a sauce you might find with Scotch Bonnets. In fact, I would have liked to see some Scotch Bonnet here, but I’m not complaining. The texture is good; very salsa like. Nice chunks of fruit and peppers throughout. If you’re looking for something that will impress the guests, just say, Gimme a little Sauce Bitch.

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