Rectal Rocket Fuel Hot Sauce Review

This is a number that promises a world of “flavor and pain.” I’ve got to say, they’re on point with the description. While chowing down, I didn’t really believe the pain part, but there was a post-meal afterburn that lingered for about thirty minutes.

Maybe that’s because I was a little liberal with my usage, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m a sucker for jerk sauce; the name just makes me nuts. Rectal Rocket Fuel Hot Sauce’s incarnation is a rich dark burgundy, about the same color as your average barbecue sauce, and has a thick consistency for hot sauce. It dripped slow out of the bottle into my homemade chicken and rice–I only added about four drops. The fifth I applied express to my tongue via fingertip–it had a resonant flavor, bold and brutal.

To be honest, I probably could have endured a few more, but I was intimidated by the bottle. It read: XX-Hot!! I asked myself, “How many X’s might there be?” The logical answer is three, and, not being familiar with their work, I didn’t want to use my tongue as their hot-o-meter litmus test.

I mentioned it was thick. Go ahead and shake the bottle, and you can almost count the ingredients stuck to the neck. Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets are the peppers, supplemented by a mix of balsamic vinegar, lime juice, sage, thyme, garlic, allspice, cumin–I’d keep going but I don’t know if there’s enough room. Like most jerks (sauces, not people) it has a decidedly sweet base, with relatively slow kick. Bottom line, you can guage its deliciousness just enough before it takes out your taste buds. 

Rectal Rocket Fuel Hot Sauce would be great for super hot wings, or as a side dipper for a mid-range cut of steak, or maybe in as a coctail sauce substitute for some jumbo shrimp. Jerk sauce is reputably good on just about anything. The next time grill up my stuffed super-burgers, I’ll be sure to include a table-spoon of the Rectal Rocket.

If you’re looking for truly atomic your heat, head back to the shelf. This is a sauce boasts notable sizzle with impressive versatility for any number of dishes.

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