Recipe for Meatballs in BBQ Sauce

For game day, simple and easy is usually a requirement for the food selection of the day and when it comes to feeding a crowd, it can be a challenge to find easy to prepare appetizers.  One great solution are meatballs that are slow cooked in bbq sauce and the easiest way to slow cook your meatballs is by using a crock pot.  They come out so amazingly moist and tender, you will want to make this recipe over and over.

There are many recipes out there but today we thought we would share a few of the easy ones with you. You will need a bunch of prepared meatballs (around 20-24 medium to small sized meatballs).

Recipe 1:

10 to 11 oz. jar grape jelly (not jam)
12 oz. bottle chili sauce (your favorite brand)

Simmer and lightly brown your meatballs in a frying pan and then remove from heat and drain away the grease. In your crock pot combine together the grape jelly and the bottle of chili sauce. Place meatballs into the crock pot and place the lid on top. Set the temperature dial to the low setting and slow cook for 2 to 3 hours.

Recipe 2:

10 to 11 oz. jar grape jelly (not jam)
10 oz. bottle barbecue sauce (your favorite brand)

You will want to follow the same steps as outlined in recipe number one.

Serving Suggestion: Once the meatballs are done spoon them out of the crock pot using a slotted spoon and place them onto a plate or serving platter. Take wooden toothpicks and insert one into each meatball before serving them to your guests.

For a quick go to recipe for meatballs in BBQ Sauce, give these a try.  Also if you are in a time crunch, you can simmer your meatballs in the sauces on the stove top.  You want to make sure to keep it on low and to stir it often so the BBQ sauce does not burn.  Keep a lid on so the moisture infuses your meatball too.  Delicious!

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