Rasta Fire! Hot, Hot, Hot Sauce Review

The Rasta Fire! Hot, Hot, Hot Sauce label features a stereotypical Jamaican man — complete with tie-dye shirt, flip flops and dreads — eyes bulging in shock as he leaps away from a campfire that has lit the seat of his cut-off shorts on fire. The front of the label warns us that the sauce is made with habanero peppers and includes the phrase, “Dis stuff really hot mon!” — presumably the words of our fiery friend.  While it is quite colorful and eye-catching, I give the label a 2, largely because I did not find it to be a very accurate description of what one should expect from this sauce.

Aside from the habanero pepper, most of the ingredients of this exotic sauce are quite different from those of most hot sauces. The unusual ingredients listed include fruits such as pineapple, papaya, and orange juice and spices such as curry, turmeric, and cumin. I love unique sauces, and I give this list of tropical, spicy ingredients a 5. The peppery mustard smell of this sauce, which does also contain both black pepper and mustard, earns a solid 4. It smells delicious, and while heat can be detected in the aroma, it almost smells like a mustard barbecue sauce.

Rasta Fire! Hot, Hot, Hot Sauce has a thicker consistency than most hot sauces, largely due to the chunks of pineapple and papaya throughout the black-pepper-sprinkled sauce. The color is similar to mustard barbecue sauce, but darker. I give the consistency a 4, although those who like thinner hot sauces will likely not agree. Finally, all the fire and multiple uses of the word “Hot” on the label lead me to taste this sauce cautiously. I tried a few drops on some grilled chicken, and it was excellent! It had a sweet, mustardy taste with mild citrus undertones. I would describe this sauce as quite warm, but not really hot enough to require any recovery time — or to justify the fiery label. I give the flavor a 5.

I would rate the taste a 4, but if you like insanely hot hot sauce or do not like mustard, this would not be the sauce for you. If, however, this Caribbean-style hot sauce sounds right up your alley, I would recommend it for use with grilled seafood, grilled pork, pulled pork sandwiches, pork roast, slow-cooked baked beans, or grilled chicken. Personally, I look forward to trying it with some grilled fish!

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