Pure Poison Hot Sauce Review

Pure Poison Hot Sauce – Wow. Pure Poison lives up to the name. The sauce is easy to pour and will burn on impact. I poured some on a spoon. Since I expected a thicker sauce, I poured a little more than I thought, and I decided to go ahead and give it a taste. The heat factor was instantaneous and definite. After I gave my mouth a moment to cool off, I decided to smell the sauce. The aroma is beautiful and savory, with an almost gourmet appeal. Beneath the heat, the taste of the sauce was the same.

The ingredients in Pure Poison Hot Sauce are simple but well blended. Habanero peppers, red wine vinegar, orange juice, garlic, garlic salt, and a healthy dose of capsaicin are all you’ll contend with, which is surprising, given the complexity of flavors here normally found only in sauces with extensive ingredients.

The color of this sauce is deep orange. It’s loaded with bits of seed and hot pepper. While it is a rather thin sauce, it clings to your food and really sinks in. I was pleased by the way it elevated a bowl of chili as well as my scrambled eggs. I shook a little into some Mexican sausage and let it fry up. Pure Poison Hot Sauce settled in with the grease from the sausage to create a truly fine layer of flavor for my corn tortillas with cheese and Mexican sausage.

If you’re looking for great taste and a blistering bit of action on the side, grab a bottle or two of Pure Poison. It’s raging hot, but you will certainly feel the heat, and you’ll want to use it on just about everything you eat.

Pure Poison Hot Sauce

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