Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce Review

Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce – For every line of hot sauce, there is almost always at least one variety that is presented as the odd one out. While the majority of the sauce in that line, may promote themselves as exhibiting different levels of torture to your mouth, there is usually that one flavor that supposed to be a little different, without any indication as to whether that means more or less heat.

Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce is one of those sauces.

If the label is to be believed, Renegade is the rebel of the Pit Bull hot sauce family. Though based on the cartoon dog with the effeminate, kitschy hot pepper shirt, Renegade seems like her was outcast less for being an outlaw, and more because his family has a narrow-minded approach to its views on same-sex marriage.

That, or Renegade is in the closet, which might explain why the bottle desperately tries to convince you that it will make your mouth explode.

“The RISK is yours!” it blares.

Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce definitely has more warmth than actual heat.

The thickness of the sauce, makes it a bit more versatile than other sauces. After an initial taste off my finger tip, I decided to test Renegade out on a slice of pizza. I found myself re-apply hearty doses each bite.

Feeling a bit more adventuress I poured about half of the bottle into a pot of chili I was making. Although the recipe I was using made 4-6 bowls of chili, I was still able to enjoy the heat of the hot sauce with every bite.

For some reason, Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce seems to lose more bite than flavor when added to food. When tasted without the aid of a food vessel, you’re left with the sting of the heat without and substantial flavor left in its wake.

Despite the reputation it seems to want to make for itself, Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce is a pretty solid utility sauce that could pretty much go well in most dishes.

The sauce itself, is slightly chunky with a little bit of thickness to it. The base pepper is Chili with some added tabasco peppers once you approach the bottom of the ingredient list.

While the heat may be a tad underwhelming for folks looking for a bit of pain, it does add a kick to any variety of dishes.

Pit Bull Renegade Hot Sauce does a good job of spreading itself inside your mouth without leaving behind any scorched earth in the process.

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  1. Chris said:

    Feb 09, 11 at 9:45 pm

    Sorry, but the pit bull company went out of business recently.

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