Pit Bull Hot Sauce Review

I may as well begin this review of Pit Bull Hot Sauce (original flavor) with my only criticism of the product: the bottle it comes in is too damned small.

Pit Bull comes in a fairly standard 5 oz. bottle (as well as a 12 oz. size), but whereas a lot of hot sauces are consumed a few drops at a time and therefore can last weeks or even months in the fridge before you need to buy a replacement, I’ve consumed almost half the bottle and I’ve only been using it for two days.

The reason either size bottle isn’t large enough is that Pit Bull is not one of those dainty sauces you use sparingly. This sweet, delicious, and very hot sauce is one you slather, not drip. I’m not kidding when I tell you that Pit Bull will replace ketchup in your home. And I’m a total ketchup junkie. As the Frank’s Red Hot slogan goes, I use that stuff on everything. But since I first opened my bottle of Pit Bull, I haven’t touched the Heinz (in fact, I haven’t touched the Frank’s, either).

What’s interesting is that while Pit Bull does not contain tomatoes, it really does deliver a ketchupy experience. With both chili and tabasco peppers, the heat is accounted for, but it’s the vinegar, sugar, and honey that give it a ketchupy tang and make it a true condiment that any sandwich, burger, or side of fries would scream for if they could talk. It’s not particularly thick, but if you like sweet-and-hot this sauce is for you.

In the last two days, I’ve tried Pit Bull Hot Sauce with eggs, sandwiches, and to kick up pasta sauce. It has made a flavorful improvement to every dish every time I’ve used it. In fact, while it does boast good heat, it has so much good flavor that you’ll be inclined to use it liberally. On a chicken sandwich, I covered the entire surface of a piece of bread with Pit Bull, just as I would with mayo, mustard, or barbecue sauce. Like any good pit bull, it will bite you back, but it’s worth it.

It just needs to come in a bigger bottle. Like ketchup does.

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