Peppers Are Not Just For Lunch & Dinner

If you love peppers, then you know that peppers are not just for lunch and dinner. They can be enjoyed for snacks and for breakfast too!  Here are some thoughts on how to expand your enjoyment with peppers.

When it comes to using peppers in breakfast dishes, the two you will probably use the most are the green, yellow or red bell pepper and the hot spicy red chili pepper. If you like a sweet and mild pepper taste, use the bell pepper and if you want a spicy kick to your dish then use red chili peppers.

Breakfast: Peppers are wonderful when used in breakfast casseroles; egg and meat stir-fry’s; breakfast burritos; breakfast quiches; egg and cheese soufflés or try them in your favorite omelet recipe.  I am sure you have had peppers added to your home fries and even hash.  By adding peppers, you are bringing out the flavor in your dish as well as adding some wonderful color to your meal making it more appetizing.

Snacks: Raw peppers are a great healthy snack that you can serve to your family with a variety of vegetable dips, salsas, hot sauces or eat them plain for a beautiful fresh taste of summer.

Regardless of how you add peppers into your diet, you are adding wide variety of healthy fruits that are going to love your body in a good way.  Enjoy some peppers everyday.

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