Pain is Good Louisiana Style Hot Sauce Review

Pain is Good Louisiana Style Hot Sauce – Crack this bottle open and take a whiff. You immediately get a sense that you’re in for something that is going to taste awesome. The aroma that wafts from the bottle to lovingly caress your nostrils is pleasant and mouth watering. This is the Louisiana style version of the Pain is Good sauce line. Made in micros batches with care and nothing but all-natural, fresh ingredients, this line of sauces is one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Pain is Good Louisiana Style Hot Sauce ingredient list here starts with habanero and cayenne peppers. There’s some lime juice, seasoned salt, Worcestershire sauce, onion, garlic, brown sugar, and liquid smoke to go along with it. Combine all these wonderful ingredients in an easily pourable sauce loaded with pepper seeds and vibrant red coloring and you have a down-on-the-bayou flavor explosion that will add a splash of fire and flavor to anything you want to use it on. Believe me when I say, there is nothing you won’t want to use Pain is Good Louisiana Style Hot Sauce on. I can’t say enough about the balance of taste and heat. This is one you have to take my word on and pick up for yourself. One bottle isn’t going to do the trick.

The brown sugar adds a hint of sweet, but the star of this show is the combination of peppers along with the Worcestershire sauce. For me, the addition of Worcestershire to any hot sauce (if done properly) is a plus. This one uses it to full advantage. As for combining peppers, there’s an art to it, and the Pain is Good sauce line knows how to get it done.

Shrimp gumbo never tasted better than it does with a splash or two of Pain is Good Louisiana Style Hot Sauce. Neither has jambalaya with chicken or sausage. That probably goes without saying. You don’t need to stick with Louisiana-style cuisine to make full use of this sauce, though. It is a welcome addition to breakfast on my eggs and in my grits. My Mexican dishes benefit from a few splashes as well. I also use it as a straight steak sauce.

The micros batches of these specialty hot sauces (Pain is Good) come in bottles that look like pints of whiskey, each numbered. The ingredients are all natural and so fresh you can smell the freshness. The heat levels are at the top of the list without being insane. Purchase a bottle or two of Pain is Good Louisiana Style Hot Sauce and you will not be disappointed.

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