Pain is Good Jamaican Style Hot Sauce Review

Pain is Good Jamaican Style Hot Sauce has nice heat factor and a great Jamaican taste going on here. Lemon, lime juice, and pineapple juices, habaneros peppers, salt, garlic puree, onions, tomato paste, and Jamaican jerk seasoning bring this sauce to life. There’s an extremely pleasant aroma when you open the bottle, a respectable heat level, a sweet undercurrent, and a beautiful colored sauce loaded with habanero pepper seeds.

Let me start with the heat level and flavor combination. The heat spreads rather quickly and evenly. It burns. There’s no doubt about it. This is where pain and pleasure come together. There’s an underlying Jamaican tropical type sweetness that gives this sauce high marks in my book. Despite the fire that bursts across your tongue and down into your belly within seconds of ingesting this wonderful concoction, the tantalizing taste will have you eating more. It’s delicious there’s just no other way to say it.

I poured this beautiful liquid around the edge of a plate loaded with chimichangas. Pain is Good Jamaican Style Hot Sauce perfectly complimented every bite. I also tried it with chopped steak and poblano peppers. Again, a perfect balance of taste and heat that brought the dish to life. I use this sauce for steaks on the broiler too. It adds a particularly attractive layer of flavor to even the best cuts of meat (meat that typically needs no help from sauce).

The Jamaican flavors that mingle with the peppers here. The pineapple juice adds a particularly attractive flavor element that can’t be stated enough.

If the Jamaican or tropical taste is appealing to you, and if you’re looking for a sauce that will leave a trail of hot flame in its wake without taking away from beauty of the ingredients, Pain is Good Jamaican Style Hot Sauce style is the sauce you need to try. Grab two bottles while you’re at it, because it’s an almost sure bet you’ll become a fan.

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